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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve :-)

We had alot of bleeding today :-( not sure if Jack bumped his leg just right or what but it was bleeding all over the place when I got to the barn this morning.  I pulled him out of his stall and removed the bandaging I will admit I was pretty scared to see what was going on under there.  The peice thats going to be removed was bleeding like crazy the vet did say it would bleed alot alot when we removed it so Im kinda nervous about that now.  I put alot of pressure on and got the bleeding slow almost to a stop before rewrapping his leg.  I think he will be okay for now but I will be calling the vet Monday to discuss how long we should wait to remove that part if its going to bleed like this ect.  We are trying to chemically kill it back alittle to reduce the amount of bleeding when he does remove it so hopefully knock on wood that will work.

Merry Christmas from Jack & I

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