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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 8 - Jack is Back :-)

Im still watching him like a hawk but hes back to normal. Peeing, pooping, eating, drinking alittle not as much as Id like but all his food is coming in mash form right now. Hes back to hanging his head over the door and hollering everytime I go near the feed room. Hes perked back up happy no more pawing or spinning circles ect. Hes really sore now that we have taken him off all his pain meds but even that isnt slowing him down to much. I still hand walk him alittle trying not to over do it as hes getting sore and put him out in his outside stall long enough to clean his inside stall as it seems to make him happier about being back inside.

Im going to buy him alfalfa cubes ect to supplement hay in his diet until hes drinking better ect but we didnt wanna start adding a bunch of new stuff until he was threw this colic episode. We will start weaning him off the bran now that hes eating again we just had to get something into him at the time.

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