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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


What a couple cold windy yucky days makes me wanna move south lol.  Jacks doing very well even being stalled but hes getting bored bored bored not sure what we are gonna do if hes stuck inside for the entire winter.  Currently working a couple creative solutions to get his outdoor stall cleaned back out enough that he could enjoy a few hours outside in the sunshine with his buddy.  His leg cant handle the snow and right now its so heavy and packed from drifting that a shovel just wont cut it :-(  I took him for alittle walk today so he could stretch his legs hes such a goof acting like some big tough stud threating to rear and act stupid.  I cant help but laugh and tell him to give it his best shot as theres no malice in him he just feels good and an actual rear would require way to much energy on his part his bark is way worse than his bite.

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