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Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 6 - Colic :-(

Jacks refusal to eat or drink anything has finally caught up to him.  Even though I tried everything under the sun to be inventive and get some food into him he was very uncooperative.  Today I arrived at the barn to find his stall totally destroyed wood everywhere Jack was down and refusing to get up.  Called a friend got the vet started on his way and waited.  Finally got him up before the vet arrived but he was very aggitated walking circles, pawing, trying to roll ect.  Gave him a tiny tiny bit of banamine and much to Jacks happiness took him outside.  He did almost a complete 180 getting outside in the sun he started eating, drinking and calming down.  So for now we built him a really small outdoor pen that he can go out in on nice days see if that keeps him happy and eating.  Still touch and go for awhile but his attitude has totally perked up with the warm sunshine so hopefully this is where we finally turn the corner to better days.

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