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Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 62

Wow its been a cold couple days woke up this morning and it was -17 outside brrr.  Jacks doing really well alittle sore now that its brutally cold and wanting to just hang out in his stall now but for the most part hes handling it well with his numerous blanket layers :-)  Sorry havent posted in a few days I put so much on hold when he got hurt Ive been slowly trying to get things back in line a couple things finally caught up to me that I couldnt put off any longer.

I need to place an order to refill Jacks first aid box as we are getting empty.  I need to order stretchy gauze rolls, guaze squares, pillow wraps, vet wrap, polo/track wraps and tape but I cant seem to find one place to order all that so if someone knows of a place feel free to point me in that direction.

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